Pastoral Notes 12th June, 2016

Saints are not born perfect. As we enjoy so many children coming to receive Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time, we remember the Eucharist as food for the journey, for pilgrims. We pray to learn and grow in our faith throughout our lives as, week by week, day by day, we turn to the Lord to nourish us with his Word and Sacrament.
St Bernadette, it is said, really grew in virtue when she left the public eye – like a broom put in a corner after sweeping the floor – and just living the simple community-life with its very human challenges in the Convent.
St Francis of Assisi joined the gangs of the time, and was seriously hurt, until he learnt another way, and became in his life a teacher of the whole Church. May we all, with the children, welcome our Lord again in the Eucharist, as our faithful companion.