Pastoral Notes 11th March, 2019

Daily Through Lent
Those who follow ‘My Day-by-Day’ booklet will perhaps notice that the daily Lenten Readings are the same each year. (The Sunday Readings follow the Gospel of St Luke still). They begin in the first week by picking up basic thoughts for Lent: so, Monday recalls the 10 commandments but also Jesus’ call of charity: ‘When I was hungry you gave me to eat’. In Lent we hear the call to love of God and neighbour, Tuesday encourages us in prayer (‘the Our Father’), while Wednesday is a call to a change of heart, to turn back to God (Lenten penance). Thursday combines a call to persevere in prayer, and ‘to treat others as you would like them to treat you’, while Friday and Saturday call for love and prayer for enemies and how God gives us a completely fresh start when we turn to him in conversion of heart.