Pastoral Notes 11th January 2015


The Church’s Christmas season concludes with the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism. We then return to the daily readings from the Scriptures through the year. These weekday Readings are arranged over a two-year cycle – the Gospel remains the same, with the First Reading changing. Before the Vatican Council (1962-65), Catholics were used to having the same 52 Sunday Gospels and readings every year – one Sunday Reading, not two. Weekdays were similar, though there seemed to be more saints commemorated. The Bishops wanted us to hear more of the Bible, so that now, over three years, we do hear the major part of the Scriptures, wisely divided into short, readable sections. Father Andy Richardson kindly began the practice of listing the readings for each week in the newsletter. The readings need pondering and some guidance where possible, but still can speak to each of us quite directly, as we are open to them in prayer.