Pastoral Notes 11th February, 2018

This name comes up very frequently in Advent, but the coming season of Lent even more so, including some of the most loved passages from the Old Testament. Rather disconcertingly it has become apparent that there were three different ‘Isaiahs’ because the historical references include events as far apart as 721 BC, when Jerusalem was saved from destruction, to somewhere near 500 BC when the people of God had lived through exile and been allowed to return to their homeland by the Persian king Cyrus! More importantly the Christian people can see the prophecies brought to life in ways quite beyond the sight of the ancient books. In Lent we see the mysterious Servant of God in his sufferings made manifest in our Lord’s way of the Cross, carried for us all, of every nation and race. It may be summed up in the words from Luke’s Gospel, where Jesus proclaims to the good thief, ‘Today you will be with me in paradise’.