Pastoral Notes 10th June, 2018

We pray especially in these days for the children from our parish schools and other schools in the parish preparing for their First Holy Communion. It was in 1910 that Pope St Pius X decreed access to confession and Holy Communion for children reaching the so-called ‘age of reason’, able to distinguish between The Eucharist and ordinary food. More recently this has settled in Year 3 when the children are mostly eight years old. Through family memories, some might recall a time when Confirmation was bestowed on children around the age of ten with the other sacraments following after. This remains the official order of the Sacraments to this day, with baptism and Confirmation preceding the other sacraments of ‘initiation’. Adults received into the Church today still receive the Sacraments in that order. Every year that we celebrate the Sacraments along with the younger members is an opportunity to ponder and treasure them for ourselves again.