Pastoral Notes 10th January, 2016


4th January is the feast-day of St Elizabeth Ann Seton, born in New York in 1774. She married and had five children, caring also for the six younger siblings of her husband. They lived between 1801 and 1803 in the house which later became the Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary, which offered information and advice to newly arriving immigrants from Ireland, an enormous help to prevent them from being exploited. Elizabeth Seton’s husband died of TB in 1803. Elizabeth herself converted to Catholicism in 1805 and in 1809 founded a congregation of religious women, the Sisters of Charity. It provided orphanages and schools for poor children. Elizabeth became known as Mother Seton. She died of TB in 1821 and was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1975. (Information by courtesy of ‘Africa’ magazine.