Meet the Clergy

Parish Priest

CanonJohnCanon John Koenig. (1994- )  Born 30th August 1946, of Austrian parents, in Beaconsfield, Bucks. He studied at the English College, Rome and was ordained priest 18th September 1970 in his home parish of Our Lady of Peace, Burnham, Bucks. His first appointment was in Our Lady & English Martyrs Cambridge 1971-1973. He took a degree in Canon Law 1973-1975 and became curate in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Wellingborough 1975-1979. Canon John was Parish Priest in Wolverton, Milton Keynes 1979-1986 and then in Thrapston with Raunds, 1986-1994. He moved to become Parish Priest in Kettering Parish in September 1994. He has been an assistant on the diocesan marriage tribunal since 1976, Vice-officialis since 1980. He has been a Canon of Northampton Cathedral Chapter since 1997 and Canon Penitentiary since 2000.
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See: Canon John’s Pastoral Notes

Assistant Priest

Father Wilson Sebastian (2018- )



Deacon Keith WatsonRev. Keith Watson. (2006 – ) Born 3rd May 1947 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire and baptised Anglican, Keith married Christine in 1970 and has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. He received a BA (Hons) degree in law in 1977 and was called to the Degree of the Utter Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in 1979. He is a Barrister-at Law and Commissioner for Oaths. From 1979 to 1997, when he took early retirement, Keith worked in local government and at the British Railways Board. Since May 2000 he has worked as a part-time tutor teaching A-Level law to adults and international students. Until 1982 Keith had no religious propensities.  After first attending several Church of England churches, Keith and Christine were confirmed in the Roman Catholic faith in 1986. Having begun training for the diaconate in Nottingham in the 1990s (interrupted due to family and work commitments), Keith completed his training in Northamptonshire diocese. He was ordained to the permanent diaconate at Holy Trinity RC Church, Desborough on Wednesday 1st February 2006. His duties include acting as chaplain to the Knights of Saint Columba and spiritual director to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
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Rev. Leslie Allday (2004-). Contact: via Canon John Tel: 01536 512497 email:


Past Clergy

Parish Priests
1891-1893.  Canon Henry Stanley
1893-1894.  Canon Henry Basil Allies
1894-1896.  Canon Thomas Fitzgerald
1896-1924.  Rt. Rev. Mgr. Canon Joseph Tonks
1924-1938.  Rev. Frederick William Lockyer
1938-1945.  Rt. Rev. Mgr. Canon William H. Hunting
1945-1961.  Rt. Rev. Mgr. Charles A. Grant
1961-1966.  Rt. Rev. Mgr. Canon Gerard A. Collins
1966-1977.  Rev. Donald Jenkinson
1977-1990.  Rev. Patrick Bailey
1990-1991.  Rev. Donald Marks
1991-1994.  Canon Brian Frost

Assistant Priests
1937-1940.   Rev. Henry J. Macklin
1940-1945.   Rev. Kevin N. Jones
1945-1946.   Rev. John Devaney
1945-1947.   Rev. Sidney G. Reeman
1947-1951.   Rev. Patrick Oates
1951-1957.   Rev.  Patrick Glynn
1956-1964.   Rev. Bernard Hindle
1957-1962.   Rev. John D. Fennell
1962-1964.   Rev. Paul Hyper
1964-1967.   Rev. Gerard Anthony Harris
1964-1965.   Rev. J. Michael O’Brien
1965- 1973?  Rev. John P. Glen
1967.        Rev. Anthony Sketch
Rev. Owen Harwood
Rev. John Keane
1975-1978.   Rev. John Osborne
1977-1982.   Rev. Denis McSweeney
1978.        Rev. Clifford Fleming
1978-1980.   Rev. Patrick McAleenan
1980-1983    Rev. Seamus Keenan
1982-1985.   Rev. Paul Donovan
1983-1985.   Rev. Richard Moroney
1985-1988.   Rev. James Rooney
1985-1988, 1996-1998. Rev. Richard Barrett
1990-1991?   Rev. Alfonso de Souza
Rev. Michael Lee
1988-1991     Rev. Christopher Beirne
1990-1993     Rev. Mark O’Donnell
1991-1994.    Rev. John Udris
1993-1998.    Rev. David Barrett
1994-1996.    Rev.  Jan Cielen
1998-2001.    Rev. Brian Leatherland
1998-2002.    Rev. Gerard Byrne
2001-2002.    Rev. Graham Platt
2002-2006.    Rev. Joseph Williams
2003-2005.    Rev. Joseph Thoppil
2005-2007.    Rev. John Opoku
2006-2008.    Fr. Dariusz Bialowas
2008-2012.    Fr. Andy Richardson
2012-2015 Fr. Paul Inman
2015-2017 Fr. Pius Amoako
2017-2018 Fr Paul Camilo Dominic Gonsalves