Second World War Kettering – St. Dominic’s School Evacuees (5) Last Day

Last Day of St. Dominic’s School in Kettering, Sunday in July 1943

Last day in Kettering of evacuated school children from St. Dominic's infant school, Kentish Town

In 1943 St. Dominic’s school officially returned to London. Mrs Langley threw a party. Mrs Monaghan returned from London for the celebration.

L-R. Back Row: Maureen Brass, Fr. Kevin Jones, Miss Sheelah Hynes, Mrs Monaghan.
Standing: Christopher O’Flynn, Henry Fitch, Tommy Bradford, Jack Dixey, Anthony Barnett.
Kneeling: Brenda Philips, Doris Fitch, Michael Hanlon, Doris Watts.
Sitting: Michelina Allocca, Blanche Winter, Gladys Bartley, Betty Enniver, Brian Parker, Cornelius O’Flynn.
Front Row: ?, Kevin Carroll, ?, Leo Bartley, ?, Jimmy Bartley.