Rev. Father Lockyer – New Year Message, 1925

Rev. Father Lockyer [New Year Message 1925]
[margin entry] New Year Message Jan 1st, 1925
(Rector of St. Edward’s R.C. Church, Kettering.)
Stability and permanence in all things are our great common need. Whether in religion, morals, politics, or economics, they can only be obtained by building on a sure foundation. Whim, fancy, caprice, passion, taste, like and dislikes are poor architects, and their buildings always collapse.
In 1925 let us get down to bedrock, and lay our foundations sure. In religion let us ignore theorising and vapourings and go to the foundation – what God has said and taught, not what someone thinks He might have said.
This being done, we have a foundation for all our activities. Moral principle and objective fact becoming our guides they will also be the harbingers of lasting peace and joy in this world and in the world to come.
May the blessing of the Christ-child from His manger-throne descend upon you all and remain with you for ever.
The Presbytery, Kettering.

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