Online Support for Stressed Relationships

Couple upset with each other

For some couples, the experience of lock down and tiered restrictions has caused many strains within the household, with counselling services increasingly providing online facilities. Sadly, there has been an increase both in couples seeking divorce and in restraining orders being issued. Additionally, couples preparing for marriage have had to navigate the stress and disappointment of seeing their wedding plans in ruins, not knowing when they may be able to marry, or they choose to give up long held dreams in favour of a much smaller event.  Smart Loving is a not-for-profit confidential service which may be able to help!

Already providing our parish with marriage preparation, their BreakThrough course may help.

Identify your conflict triggers by learning strategies to de-escalate an argument and find constructive ways to re-establish connection. Available anywhere, anytime, the course is completely private and doesn’t require your spouse to participate. And it’s subsidised during these times of lockdown by a generous diocesan donor. Restore hope for your relationship and visit this link to get the subsidy.

It’s all done online and you don’t have to talk to anyone.