Message from the Archbishop of Lviv

This week, instead of ‘Message from Fr Gregory’ we have a Message from the Archbishop of Lviv, starting with a handwritten message with translation and then a text in English from the Archbishop.
Dear Father Gregory!
Thank you and the whole Parish Community for thinking of us, for your solidarity and for your help during these hard times, whilst there is ongoing war in Ukraine.
You are always welcome in Lviv.
+ Mieczyslaw

Letter from Archbishop Mokrzycki of Lviv, June 2022

Dear Father Gregory!

Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Edward’s Roman  Catholic  Parish  1n Kettering!

Saint John Paul II said: “There are times when we are faced with truths for which there are no words”.

That is precisely the time today. There are no words to express the truth of what is happening before our eyes. There are no words to express gratitude for goodness and solidarity. There is, however, one word – THANK YOU!

It is this word that I would like to use to express my gratitude for the donation made to the Archdiocese of Lviv in this very difficult time of war. I am doing it in my own name and in the name of all those suffering the difficulties caused by war here in our Country.

May the Good Lord bless you and may the Virgin Mary, the Beautiful Star of the City of Lviv, intercede for you.

+ Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki

Metropolitan Archbishop of Lviv