Jesteśmy z wami – We Are With You

Fr Gregory in Poland

I have returned from Poland safe and sound. It was great to see my family. I was really struck by what I saw on the streets of Warsaw. There was a totally different rhythm in this capital city, which is usually full of people going to work, shopping or just tourists, with their guidebooks in their hands.

This time I sensed worry, hope, relief. Some people were walking with a purpose, with a plan, others were waiting patiently. Many were exhausted. I saw lots of helpers, approaching newcomers, gently guiding, smiling with understanding. Everywhere was the smell of soup, something hot bubbling in large industrial sized pots, with lots and lots of Polish brown bread sliced and ready. It made me think of our Soup Kitchen and their good work. Let us pray for all the refugees in the world. May they find safety. Let us thank God for all the volunteers in the world, who give up their time to help others.

Jesteśmy z wami – We are with you