Divine Mercy Sunday Weekend: 11th April, 2021

Divine Mercy Poster

DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY 11th April at 3pm

 Culmination of the Easter Octave, the Sunday after Easter is the day Our Lord chose to fulfil the promise of a complete remission of sins and all reparation due, thus returning the soul to the purity of its Baptismal state as declared by St. John-Paul II and successive Popes.  This year the service will need to be shorter and simpler due to the restrictions, with only the basics needed to fulfil the devotion for those who wish to partake.  Therefore at 3pm. we will open our church in order to bless and venerate the image of Divine Mercy and relics of St Faustina & St JPII (stay in your seats and bow to venerate, or bring your own image to kiss).  We will also say the Chaplet together and there will be time for Adoration.  You will need to have attended Mass over that weekend and been to confession during the Novena period or shortly afterwards in addition to praying the Novena which started on Good Friday.  Confessions with Fr. Gregory or Fr. Ebin will be available after the short service without booking although you will need to book for the service itself so that seats can be allocated safely.  Confessions will also be available on Saturday as normal.

For those devotees who would prefer to stay at home during the special dispensation period currently in force, you can instead obtain the same graces by live-streaming Mass and there will be Divine Mercy services in selected churches across the UK and Ireland which you can choose to take part in via https://www.churchservices.tv/timetable/  Check out this site and scroll down to services around 3pm. for a selection.  For Information about the Novena go to: https://centrefordivinemercy.org/novena where you will also find guidance on fulfilling the devotion at home.

Regarding the requirement to go to confession, Pope Francis has encouraged Catholics staying at home to ask God for forgiveness and then to go to confession when they feel able.  Pope Francis said to speak to God, as he is your father, and tell him your sins…Promise him: ‘Later I will confess, but forgive me now.’ And immediately you will return to the grace of God.