Community – Youth and Children’s Groups



Children’s Liturgy Group

St. Edward’s Church
Contact: Emma Hawkins email: (please state the name of the person you wish to contact at the beginning of the message)

Children’s Liturgy takes place each Sunday at 10.30am Mass, including the week when there is Church Parade (2nd Sunday of the month) or a School Mass, but with a break for the school Christmas, Easter, Summer and half-term holidays.

Mission Statement: “We welcome children to worship God and share the Gospel together.”  We gather together in the church as a united congregation. The priest invites the children to come forward for their own liturgy of the Word. The leaders and children process to the Hall, bearing the Book of the Word and the candle representing the Light of Christ.  Children of school age Reception to Year 3 gather in the Hall.

The children follow a Liturgy that closely matches that of the congregation. The focal point is the reading of the Word of God, in the Gospel. It is the same Gospel as in the church, but sometimes in easier language. The children are then invited to take part in an activity that will help them to make the Gospel meaningful in their own lives. The children rejoin the congregation at the Offertory.   There is also a Children’s Christmas Eve Mass.

If you would like to join the team of leaders and helpers, please contact one of the group. All are “DBS” checked and are then included on a rota basis, about once a month on average.

St. Bernadette’s Church
Contact: Susan Macfarlane 01536 710769

St. Nicholas Owen Church
No separate Children’s Liturgy

Holy Trinity Church
No separate Children’s Liturgy



Contacts: Fr. Gregory 01536 512497 email:; Maureen Everington 01536 513516;
Meeting: 6 times a term, Wednesday, 6 – 7pm in St. Edward’s Church Hall.

This group is for children in secondary school (years 7, 8 and sometimes 9). It begins with a post Confirmation celebration afternoon in July. The children in year 7 are invited to attend Sessions by letter and thereafter by telephone. The children experience a mix of exploring particular issues in their faith journey, such as living as a Christian in the playground as well as church, or, celebrating with weaker members e.g. singing carols with old age pensioners. They interact with members of the parish community, e.g. key workers (doctors, police, engineers); parishioners with disabilities (such as blind) who have led productive and fulfilling lives; parishioners who work with the deaf and hard of hearing, or the sick; fundraisers for Charity such as CAFOD or Chad; vocations, religious Sisters, Deacons and Seminarians. There are also regular outings that explore our Christian heritage to places like Thrapston (martyrdom); St. Peter and Paul’s Church (Bell ringing and ecumenical history) and Turvey (Monasteries).



The Ireson Youth Fund

Contact: Fr. Gregory Marchwinski, tel: 01536 512497. email:
Tony Ireson, a prominent Kettering Catholic and history writer, bequeathed a sum of money to the Parish for the specific purpose of “Youth Development in the Parish of St. Edward”. The fund’s objective is to provide financial assistance to young people and youth groups in the Parish on a case by case basis for their support, faith development and/or education.

See: The Ireson Youth Fund

Rainbows (31st Kettering, St. Edward’s)

Contact: Claudia Watson 01536 391533 e-mail:
Meeting: Tuesday 6-7.30pm (term time only) at St. Thomas More School, Northampton Road
Rainbows gives girls aged 5-7 years old a place for looking, learning and having plenty of fun, following an activity programme that varies from art and crafts to having a sleepover.



St. Bernadette’s Children’s Charity Concert

Contact: Susan Macfarlane 01536 710769



St. Edward’s Brownies (31st St Edward’s Kettering)

Contact: Sam Murrell 07929 229785
Meeting: Thursday 6.00-7.30 at St Edward’s Church Hall

Brownies is about trying new things that teach girls aged 7 to 10 about themselves, their community and their world. Girls in Brownies have incredible experiences together, make brilliant friends and discover the world around them. Every time we meet up, we learn new skills and take on new challenges. We have been part of the parish for over 25 years and enjoy taking part in Church Parade and community projects.



St. Edward’s Scouts, Beavers and Cubs (16th Kettering Scout Group)

Contacts: Scouts and Cubs: Theresa McInally. Tel: 07904 585215. email:
Contact: Sam Murrell Tel: 07929 229785. email:

Church Parade takes place on the 2nd Sunday of the Month during term time. Members of all three groups are encouraged to attend.

Meeting: Tuesday 7.30 – 9.00 pm in St. Edward’s School Hall. For ages 10 to 15 – boys and girls.
There are outdoor and indoor activities which include camping, hiking, games. Older Scouts help to plan and run their own programme, within the Scouting Organisation rules. Some of the Scouts help to run activities for the Beaver and Cub sections.
Meeting: Wednesday 7.00 – 8.30 pm in St. Thomas More School Hall. For ages 8 to 10½. This section is currently all boys but girls are welcome to join.
There are outdoor and indoor activities which include camping, games and learning by doing.
Meeting: Wednesday 5.30 – 6.30 pm in St. Thomas More School Hall. For all children aged 6 to 8.
Our activities are based around making things, outdoor activities, singing, playing games, going out on visits, taking part in Church Parade, investigating nature, listening to stories, learning how to be safe and most importantly, making new friends.
New Parent Leaders/helpers would be very welcome.

Each year money is raised for activities, additional camping and activity resources. The group try to link in with other parish activities, and do some charity work. For example in 2007 the group bought a new small mess tent for cooking and day camping, and some additional camping lights, however they also raised money for Father Jo in Uganda, and helped with the Parish Mission social and Christmas concert.

New leaders are sought. All leaders are DBS checked.