Community – Societies and Organisations



African/Caribbean Society

Contact: Pauline Dashit via email: (please state the name of the person you wish to contact at the beginning of the message)



Filipino Society

Contact: Coordinator, Ed Tanangonan 01536 520420

Set up to help those in the area to keep in contact and celebrate with each other



Knights of St. Columba

Contacts: Trevor Perkins, Secretary, 01536 519153; Martin Earley, Grand Knight, 01536 310577

Meeting: 8pm on the first Friday of the month at St. Edwards Church Hall.

The Knights of St. Columba are a national body of Catholic laymen who place themselves at the disposal of priests, parishes and the community. Activities include a wide range of action, including spiritual events such as pilgrimages, retreats, rosary campaigns and fundraising.

In St. Edward’s Parish the Knights assist the Clergy in the upkeep of all four parish churches. This can involve any range of tasks as required from weeding, gardening, painting, DIY etc. This group, together with the SVP, offer support for people with disabilities. New male members aged over 16 are sought. Parishioners are welcome to assist from time to time without becoming members.



Legion of Mary

Contact:  Ann Machell on 01536 512497 email: (please state the name of the person you wish to contact at the beginning of the message) or speak to any member of the Legion of Mary.

Parish Group Page: Legion of Mary Group Page

The Legion of Mary is a worldwide lay organisation, living and fulfilling the ideals of the Decree on the Lay Apostolate. Its’ objective is the spiritual formation of its members through a life of prayer and apostolic action under ecclesiastical guidance. The group helps the Parish priest in all forms of evangelisation and pastoral care.



Malayam Society

Contact: Coordinator, Binoy Chakkappan and Jinsy Thottam via email: (please state the name of the person you wish to contact at the beginning of the message)

The Society aims to help those in the area to continue their traditions. This includes a regular Mass at St Edward’s church Last Sunday of the Month 4.00 pm



St. Edward’s Walkers

Contact: William Walford 01536 515824



Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP)

Contact: Rita Keany 01536 482420

The SVP is dedicated to helping those who are disadvantaged, neglected or in need, without discrimination. The work is based on respect of people’s dignity and promotes the concept of helping people to help themselves. Within the parish, the SVP provide support for any people with need, such as those with a low income or older members who have become less mobile or even housebound. They raise money via such activities as the Christmas tree appeal (for Christmas parcels). They also offer practical help with transport and are willing to consider other requests for assistance. This group, together with the Knights of St Columba, offer support for people with disabilities.

Membership is open to men or women, Christians and non-Christians, in sympathy with the values and objectives of the Society.



Union of Catholic Mothers (UCM)

Contacts: Anna Roberts (President); Eileen Lovett (Secretary) email: (please state the name of the person you wish to contact at the beginning of the message); Sue McGrenaghan (Treasurer) 01536 511332.

Meeting:Evening Meetings are held, once a month, in St. Edward’s Church Hall. New female members or visitors are welcome. There is a small annual membership fee, plus an entry fee per meeting.

Parish Group Page: The Union of Catholic Mothers – Kettering

Originally started in 1913, the UCM strive to uphold the sanctity, responsibilities and permanence of marriage and family life; to ensure Catholic education for their children; and to extend a helping hand to those in difficulty. Kettering UCM began in 1955, closed around 1975 but reopened 17th March 2001. The group currently (2008) has 39 members.

The Union of Catholic Mothers holds social evenings and formal talks; help with Parish and school events (tea, coffee, food etc); organise outings to places of interest; fundraise via Table Top sales, a quiz, car boot sales and coffee mornings.