CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) in the Parish

Parish Contact: Goar, email: or phone 07792 553356.
CAFOD area office: Deborah Purfield, Northampton 01604 785254.

CAFOD Day of Reflection at St Edward’s, Kettering, July 1st, 2017

As well as the official Fast Day collections, there is much work for CAFOD going on behind the scenes in our Parish and we would welcome anyone interested in helping in any way in the following areas.

Live Simply Challenge This aims to help communities and individuals to celebrate, reflect and take action, deepening the personal and Church-wide commitment to Catholic social teaching as a fundamental part of Christian life and mission. Based on Pope Paul VIth encyclical ‘Populorium Progressio’ – his call to the wealthy nations of the world to act in solidarity, justice and charity – it encourages us to respond to Christ’s teaching that we should live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.

Becoming a Fair Trade Parish CAFOD encourages all parishioners to purchase genuine Fair Trade products. In this way the increased profits to be made on the sale of produce from poorer countries should actually get back to the growers, rather than increasing the profits of shareholders of already rich multi-national companies who often exploit local workers.

As a Parish Project Begun in 2007, the Parish worked over a 2-3 year period towards equipping a complete virtual village in Africa, providing large and small items to aid the development. Ultimately CAFOD directs things to where they are needed, however from a visual point of view the collective image of a village development helped us to see the true value. Parishioners can still buy individual items from school pens to pigs or even to toilet blocks, by ordering from a catalogue. Orders can be used as Christmas/Birthday/anytime presents or contributions may be made towards larger facilities like a classroom.

A School Coordinator goes into schools to raise awareness of all these initiatives.

The Friday Fast Group Members support the work of CAFOD through their self denial. New members are always welcome.