Community – Parish Groups and Ministries

St. Edward’s Parish Groups and Ministries offer us a variety of ways to learn and grow as an individual within the Catholic Church and in relation to the wider Christian and secular community.

Many of these groups and ministries are linked to the liturgy, serving within the physical church or out amongst the community. They may offer us a chance to spend time alone in prayer or in groups with God, or deal with the practical, day-to-day running of the parish. Other ministries care for the education of children and adults, helping to deepen our faith within the Church; however our groups also offer the young of our Parish opportunities to meet, play and enjoy time with others, away from the formality of faith education and worship. Groups run within the parish may be part of larger Catholic organisations, such as the Union of Catholic Mothers, or CAFOD, or offer people the opportunity to work with other Christian organisations, such as Kettering Street Pastors or Churches Together.

We welcome new members to all our activities and hope that you will share in the daily life of our Parish and explore what our groups and ministries could mean to you. To find out more, follow links on the side menu or talk to one of our priests.

If you are part of a parish group that isn’t listed in our index; would like to expand your group information; or add a Parish Webpage, please contact the Webmaster and we will arrange to include your details.

Church and Community

Aid for CHAD
CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) in the Parish
Christian Unity Group
Churches Together
Hospital Chaplaincy
Kettering & District Sick Pilgrims Fund (Jumbulance)
Soup Kitchen
St. Patrick’s Centre for Integral Development (SPACID), Uganda

Church Volunteers

Church Cleaning Group – St.Edward’s Church
Church Cleaning Group – Holy Trinity Church
Parish Communications Group
Eucharistic Ministers
Flower Groups – St. Edward’s Church
Flower Groups – Holy Trinity Church
Guild of St. Stephen
St. Edward’s Parish Fabrics Management Team
St. Edward’s Welcoming Group

Music Groups

The Parish Choir
St. Edward’s Music Group
St. Nicholas Owen Music Group

Prayer and Mass Groups

Divine Mercy
The Pilgrim Queen Shrine of the Family
St. Nicholas Owen Rosary Group
Kettering Spiritual Mothers and Fathers Groups
Rothwell Spiritual Mothers Group

Preparation and Instruction Groups

Baptismal Preparation Programme
CaFE – Catholic Faith Exploration
Catholic Marriage Preparation
Preparation for Reconciliation and Holy Communion
RCIA – The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Societies and Organisations

Filipino Society
Knights of St. Columba
Legion of Mary
Malayam Society
St. Edward’s Walkers
Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP)
Union of Catholic Mothers (UCM)

Youth and Children’s Groups

Children’s Liturgy Group – St. Edward’s Church
Children’s Liturgy Group – St. Bernadette’s Church
Rainbows (31st Kettering St. Edward’s)
St. Bernadette’s Children’s Charity Concert
St. Edward’s Brownies
St. Edward’s Scouts, Beavers and Cubs (16th Kettering Scout Group)