Churches in the Parish of St. Edward


St. Edward's Church

The Church of St. Edward the Confessor

2 The Grove, Kettering, Northants NN15 7QQ. Tel: 01536 512497 (Located on the corner of The Grove and London Road)
Kettering was first served as a Mission Parish in 1891. By January 1893 a “temporary church” had been built on London Road. This temporary church served the parish for fifty years until  the current church was opened in October 1940.  Built to seat 380 people, St. Edward’s is mother church to three others.  Priests from St. Edward’s serve the churches of St. Bernadette’s, Rothwell, Holy Trinity, Desborough, St. Nicholas Owen, Burton Latimer  and act as chaplains to two Roman Catholic primary schools and 2 hospitals.
St. Bernadette's Church, Rothwell

The Church of St. Bernadette

Rock Hill, Rothwell, Northants NN14 6BY. Tel: 01536 512497
From 1951 Mass was held at various venues in Rothwell. St. Bernadette’s church was blessed on June 19, 1959. Built to seat 120 people many volunteers helped keep the costs down by painting the interior of the church and levelling the land outside to build a Lourdes grotto.


St. Nicholas Owen Church

The Church of St. Nicolas Owen

Kettering Road, Burton Latimer, Northants NN15 5LP. Tel: 01536 512497
In 1950 a Mass Centre, originally served by a monthly Mass, was established in the British Legion Hall, in Burton Latimer.  The permanent church of St. Nicholas Owen was opened March 2nd 1972. The church seats approximately 100 people.


Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church

Victoria Street, Desborough, Northants NN14 2LX. Tel: 01536 512497
Originally built for a Methodist congregation, Holy Trinity was purchased and re-opened as a Catholic church in 1972. The church seats approximately 120 people.