Our “Hands-on” Saviour

In Matthew 9 this week Jesus chooses the Twelve and performs the miracles of healing an “unclean” woman and restoring life to a daughter.  Both narratives point out the risks Jesus took to bring just a touch of the Kingdom to those in need. He’s truly a “hands-on” Saviour.  We may reflect on when we […]

Who Do You Say I Am?

There are some familiar scenes in this week’s readings from Matthew such as in 8:18 when Jesus told His disciples to sail to the other side of the lake. In the journey, He fell asleep and a storm that periodically blows over the Sea of Galilee whipped the fishing boat out of control. The disciples […]

How Was Your Day?

  Omnia ad majorem Dei gloriam – All for the greater glory of God It’s one of the most common questions people ask each other after coming home from work or school and can either lead to a dead-end response like “OK” or a description of what our work entailed.  Such exchanges are important for […]

Honouring Eternal Priest and Mother

In 2018 Pope Francis honoured the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother of the Church and proclaimed the Church should celebrate this memorial on the day after Pentecost – appropriately enough because Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit at the conception of the Christ and the Spirit also descended upon her at Pentecost. In John’s […]

A Reason for Joyful Celebration

This week we might take some part in the Queen’s Platinum celebrations.  But what is true celebration? Just before this, on Tuesday’s feast day of the Visitation, the scene gives us a clear picture of celebration. The young Mary visited the elderly Elizabeth and both were with child. This was a good reason to celebrate […]

Three Theological Virtues

Is self-giving irrational? Some would think so. But it is exactly this kind of love that Jesus speaks of throughout this week’s readings from John’s gospel.  It brings true joy into life simply because the focus of the activity is on the other, not on the self.  In this way, it is shared. Christ gave […]