May – A Time of Grace

The countryside is bursting with the new growth and increased daylight of Springtime. As this is Our Lady’s month in the Easter season we rejoice at the Resurrection of her Son. Before he died in 1923, John S. Stokes (US naval chief) wrote   “The month of May, with its profusion of blooms was adopted by […]

A Crown for Mary

Once again it’s the start of May and, though still in the Easter season, our thoughts turn to Our Lady. Many of us probably still remember the excitement of the May Procession which we eagerly looked forward to as children. With the adventure of attending Midnight Mass and the joy of watching rose petals being […]

July – The Month of The Most Precious Blood

Following on from May being dedicated in the Roman Catholic Church to Our Lady and June being the month of the Most Sacred Heart, July is observed as the month of the Most Precious Blood.   From the Middle Ages onwards it became traditional to link months to specific devotions or aspects of our faith.  The […]

June – Month of the Sacred Heart – 4

The Link Between Devotion to the Sacred Heart and Devotion to the Divine Mercy St. Margaret Mary Alcoque Photo by Lawrence OP (CC BY-NC 2.0) Concluding our look at the Catholic observance of dedicating June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this week we are examining the link between devotion to the Sacred Heart […]

June – Month of the Sacred Heart – 3

Devotion to the Sacred Heart is evident in so many Catholic churches (including those in our own parish) where we see a statue of the Sacred Heart and a candle stand, in many cases with red coloured tea lights. We are used to seeing a side altar dedicated to the Sacred Heart (complemented by a […]

June – Month of the Sacred Heart – 2

Corpus Christi, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Eucharistic Miracles Continuing the theme of the month, we have something not only for families with children but which can be adapted for all adults – single, married, living alone or with others so that our parish is truly united in our love for the Sacred Heart […]