Undoing Life’s Knots

This Tuesday September 28th marks the feast of Mary Undoer of Knots and the 29th is the feast of St. Michael, to whom we pray for protection from the devil who invariably makes the knots.  It is also the feast of Ss Gabriel and Raphael. The Undoer of Knots devotion is over 300 years old and […]

Our Lady of Sorrows

OUR LADY OF SORROWS – POPE FRANCIS’ HOMILY Due to many invasions over the centuries, the people of Slovakia always sought solace in Our Lady of Sorrows and adopted her as their patron.  On her feast day last Wednesday, the final day of his visit to Slovakia, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the small town […]

Remembering 9/11

This weekend is the twentieth anniversary of a day marked by shock, terror, sorrow, and tremendous loss.  It is one of those major life events which continue to shape our world.  It is one of those life events where those of us old enough to have seen it unfold on our TV screens know where […]

Feast of the Nativity of Mary

We celebrate Our Lady’s birthday on Wednesday. This is one of the three birthdays in the Church Calendar — Jesus (December 25), John the Baptist (June 24) and Mary on September 8th.  As the mother of our Lord, Mary was born to also be our spiritual mother and so was conceived immaculate and full of […]

Hidden Believers

We could not let this weekend’s newsletter slip by without mention of the horrendous plight and suffering  of the people of Afghanistan.  The pictures of Afghans so desperate to flee their homeland by grabbing onto military planes as they took off, only then to fall onto the ground, was unbearable to behold. What has largely […]

Floods, Fires, Storms – What Are Catholics To Make Of It All?

  2020-21 has been a period of fighting a global disease, during which we almost weekly learn of additional life threatening challenges – parts of southern Europe on fire under record 48 degrees of blistering heat whilst fierce storms rage elsewhere and flooding is commonplace.  Are we to take this as a sign of the […]