An Apostle and a Pope

Two of the feast days occurring this week are October 18, St. Luke and October 22, St. John Paul II. Not being one of the Twelve Apostles, Saint Luke did not accompany Jesus as he travelled through Palestine.  He was more likely a disciple of Saint Paul, who mentions a man called Luke being with […]

Relic of St. Edward the Confessor – 2021

 St. Edward Reliquary A confessor is a saint who suffers for his faith by striving to resist temptations.  St. Edward was a man of great prayer, he lived off the income of his own lands and helped the poor, revoking unjust taxes.  He was widely thought of as a gentle, loyal and devoted king. St. […]

Celebrating Sts. Joseph and Patrick

This week we have the feast days of two extremely popular saints: St. Patrick on March 17th (Wednesday) and St. Joseph on March 19th (Friday). Ireland’s Most Well Known Saint Though a small country, Ireland has produced an enormous number of saints given its low population. The website  lists 331 of them. Many lived […]