The Epic Battle

If there is one thing that the seasons of Lent and Easter bring into focus, it’s the struggle between good and evil. At its heart, the Easter story is an epic tale of Perfect Love (Jesus Christ) facing down and conquering Evil.  It’s not just an historic struggle – it goes on every day in […]

Lent Calls us to ‘Come Back to God with All Our Heart’

Lent calls us to ‘come back to God with all our heart’ and the practices of prayer, fasting and giving to charity are a way of making real our return to God.  Ashes (this year sprinkled on our heads) remind us of our human frailty and our dependence on God. For our parishioners who, during […]

Something Worth Dying For – Saint Valentine’s Day

On February 14th every year, couples around the world celebrate one of the heroes of Catholic history. As the story goes, Valentine was a Roman priest who married young couples in secret despite the decree of Emperor Claudius II forbidding all weddings. The emperor did this to more readily recruit young, unattached men into his […]

Online Support for Stressed Relationships

For some couples, the experience of lock down and tiered restrictions has caused many strains within the household, with counselling services increasingly providing online facilities. Sadly, there has been an increase both in couples seeking divorce and in restraining orders being issued. Additionally, couples preparing for marriage have had to navigate the stress and disappointment of seeing […]

The Nature of Love

We all ‘know’ what love is – it’s that feeling of affection and attachment we experience for another person.  But is love just a feeling? Or is there more to it?  Every person experiences love in a unique way. Some gestures of love will more powerfully communicate love to you than others.  For example, some people […]

How is the Pandemic Affecting Couples?

Over the past number of months every one of us has been experiencing a completely new way of life this year.  On this beautiful planet that God created the one thing which every human, with our myriad of differences, currently has in common is an awareness or experience of a tiny virus that has stopped […]