O Noble Health…

One of the Polish poets once wrote such words: “O noble health! No one will know what you taste like until he loses you…” I think most of us could say similar words, because we all appreciate people, health or even favourite things or pets, especially when we lose them. Today I can say with […]

Funeral 11th September

Please note that, although St. Edward’s church is shut until at least September 15th, due to Fr. Gregory testing positive for Covid-19, a funeral already scheduled to take place on September 11th will be conducted in the church by another priest not from St. Edward’s and full Covid precautions will be observed.

30th August, 2020

Messages from  Fr. Gregory Welcome to our parish Father Nicholas, who will be living with me in our parish house for a few weeks. For the past few years, Father Nicholas has been a parish priest in Slough. We wish Father Nicholas a good time of rest and prayer in our parish before he takes […]

Homily – 23rd August, 2020

Homily on the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, Kettering, 2020 Probably most of us have had the privilege of visiting Italy, Rome and Saint Peter’s Basilica. I remember when – for the first time in my life, as a young boy – I visited this wonderful and impressive church, that is rightly called […]

16th August, 2020

To Book a Place at Mass Please DO NOT call the presbytery in order to book your Mass Ring   0739 6606 881  Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri  9.30am – 12 noon  and Thursdays 6-8pm Please do not call outside of these times as the phone will not be manned For further details see the blog: We’re […]

Refurbishment of St. Edward’s is Almost Complete

During closure we took the opportunity to refurbish our church to make it warmer, brighter and fresher: You can see our progress here in these latest photographs. We’re aiming to celebrate our first Mass on Saturday August 22 at 6.30pm, watch out for further information about how to book a place at Mass during Covid-19. […]