Corpus Christi – The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

This Sunday the Church celebrates the significant feast of Corpus Christi in England and Wales. We celebrate the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Saviour. The great mystery of the Eucharist which is the source and summit of the Christian life is the focus of this […]

The Eulogy of Sister Therese RIP

Sister Mary Therese (Rose Eileen Gleeson) and her brother Joe, were born on 27th September 1930, the eldest of the five children. Growing up in Nottingham, the twins attended the local non catholic school. At the age of eleven, Eileen went to the Catholic school and was taught by the Sisters of St Joseph of […]

St. Edward’s Facebook Group

Do you enjoy social media? We now have a new parish Facebook group – The Parish of St. Edward’s, RC Church, Kettering, Northamptonshire.  We hope that you will join and enjoy being part of this group, supporting one another in our parish community, staying in touch during this difficult time and sharing and growing in […]

The Parish Community in Lockdown – Latest News

The Parish has begun a “Parish Call and Care scheme” to support isolated and elderly parishioners, many of whom are facing months without significant social contact. Many thanks to those who have already volunteered to “Phone and Chat” to anyone who would welcome such a chat. While other volunteers to make calls will be very […]

May is Mary’s Month

Detail of window from Our Lady’s Chapel, St. Edward’s Church Among Catholics, May is most well-known as “Mary’s Month,” a specific month of the year when special devotions are performed in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the early Church there is evidence of a major feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated on […]

CAFOD Emergency Appeal

CAFOD launched its coronavirus emergency appeal on 30 April. The effects of coronavirus on developing countries where CAFOD works are likely to be devastating. Families without enough to eat and without access to clean water and healthcare are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. The poorest and most marginalised communities will be pushed further into poverty. Your […]