Booking for Weekend Masses after the Final Stage of Easing

We do not yet know what final restrictions (if any) the Government will announce for June 21st. but in any case it is likely that the diocese will proceed cautiously for everyone’s safety whilst we still have the virus variants with us.  Many Mass attendees have said that they feel safe in church due to the efforts of our stewarding team, and so we are looking to maintain stewarding for a while yet.  As we have a smaller capacity church than most in the area, it makes the Steward’s voluntary work easier if booking in some form is continued for busier Masses in the short term, as every weekend Mass tends to be full to capacity now. The current booking system as run by Anne will continue as it is until June 21st. but after this date we would like to reconsider our booking arrangements.  Ideally we would like to establish a small team of volunteers who can help with this.

While we currently have a single dedicated phone line for booking and set booking times, we are open to ideas about how booking may best be achieved going forward. Depending on when people can help us, this may mean changing the booking times and/or medium (phone, email, online, etc.). In allocating seats, volunteers would need to ensure (as bookings are received) that households are appropriately distanced and that the church capacity is not exceeded. The booking sheets then need to be made available to the church in time for the weekend masses.  If you are interested in helping as part of this team, please email .  Stewards themselves might be interested or perhaps parishioners who would like to become more involved in the life of our parish community.  We thank Anne for all the hours each week she has put into the booking system to help keep us safer in church.