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Pastoral Notes October 23rd, 2016

40 Martyrs On 25th October 1970 Pope Paul VI canonised, or pronounced as saints, seven laymen and women, thirteen secular (parish) priests and twenty religious who suffered during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, in England and Wales, “when the Christian family was tragically torn apart”. Today we pray for these martyrs to help us work […]

Pastoral Notes 16th October, 2016

LOOKING AHEAD It is sometime since the Bishop visited our parish and deanery, apart from the Confirmation Mass. Later in November he hopes to come to our pastoral area to speak with not only the clergy as a group but also with the whole pastoral council, representing both clergy and laity. If you have any […]

Pastoral Notes 9th October, 2016

PATRONAL FEAST Thursday is the feast of our patron saint Edward, King of England until just before 1066 and the Norman invasion. We can date the parish from 1891, with the first priest, Canon Henry Stanley. The longest parish priest was Monsignor Canon Joseph Tonks (1896-1924) who was very ecumenical and warmly appreciated by other […]

Pastoral Notes 2nd October, 2016

ONE TEACHER – MANY TEACHERS In the Gospel Jesus is recorded as saying, You have one teacher, the Christ – and yet he sent out his disciples to teach all nations. It seems an appropriate time also to thank you for our teachers, and to remember the religious sisters who have been with us in […]