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Pastoral Notes 30th August, 2015

FAREWELL & WELCOME A fond farewell to Father Paul, Fiona and daughters Sarah and Sophie, as we have the farewell Mass this Sunday at 10.30am. Father Paul has been appointed Parish Priest at Our Lady’s, Wellingborough, a mission begun in the town in 1868, the church built in 1886. May God bless Father Paul in […]

Pastoral Notes 23rd August, 2015

ACROSS THE ATLANTIC The holy picture by the Reading-stand at St. Edward’s this weekend is of St Rose of Lima in Peru, who died in 1617, and whose feast-day is 23rd August. She and her friend, St Martin de Porres, are the first canonised saints of South America. Rose was a member of the Third […]

Pastoral Notes 16th August, 2015

HOLIDAY TIME   Recently I spent a week in Cornwall, based in Falmouth. When somewhat lost in narrow lanes an little way out of the town I came across a subsidiary church, with Mass on Sunday and on a weekday – the church under the title of St Edward the Confessor. I also visited, with […]

Pastoral Notes 9th August, 2015

PRAY FOR DEACONS We are often asked to pray for more priests, but rarely for more Deacons. Deacon means Servant, and the early Church looked back to the Acts of the Apostles (Ch 6), where seven men, including St Stephen the first martyr, were chosen by the people to look after the physical needs of […]

Pastoral Notes 2nd August 2015

PASTORAL NOTES Pope Francis has taken some key themes of Catholic teaching concerning social justice, the Common Good and the promotion of a ‘culture of life’ and building on St Francis of Assisi and many others, has sought to show how these themes are all inseparable from, and bound in to, our human relationships with […]