1st November, 2020

Rev. Fr.Wilson Kottam MSFS 1968-2019

Rev. Fr.Wilson Kottam MSFS 1968-2019

As the new month of November begins, a month of special prayer for the souls of our deceased, I would like to encourage you to pray together for those who have passed away.

On November 7, we will remember and pray especially for Father Wilson, who passed away a year ago.

In the Sanctuary – after receiving communion and blessing – you can still find a basket with envelopes in which you can put a card with the names of the deceased. You can also use ordinary envelopes for this.

Please return your envelopes to the Church (put it in the collection basket) or to the Parish office (put it in the letter box). Your donation can be placed in the envelope.

Mass for Holy Souls will be offered for them during the month of November.