Pastoral Notes 19th January 2014

We are once more in the week of prayer for Christian Unity so that the words of our second Sunday Reading – “Jesus Christ is their Lord no less than ours” – have a special resonance. Pope Francis has shown the way to strengthen the bonds of all Christians in many different gestures of welcome. It has also been announced that he is to travel on missions of peace to the Holy Land this year, but also with the terrible war in Syria in mind. He has shown particular concern to reach out to people of Islamic and Jewish faith. Our own Kettering Hospital Chaplaincy has inter-faith chaplaincy meetings where all faiths work together, a forum put in place by the former Anglican chaplain, Lesley McCormack. These are all opportunities to experience bonds of respect and understanding, – to be peacemakers. The Street Pastors project and the united service at Toller United Reformed Church at 3.00pm this Sunday are also marks of unity among Christians.