10th October, 2021

On Wednesday, 13th October we will be celebrating the Feast of our Patron Saint, St Edward. I would like to invite you to morning Mass, as we will pray for his intercession and venerate his relics. On that day, let us say this beautiful prayer:-

O Holy Saint Edward, Patron of our Parish and devoted servant of Our Lady and England, guide the thoughts and deeds of your people at this time. May the life and work of our small community be pleasing to your Heavenly Father and may the love and service we offer here, grow and extend to all mankind. Amen

Holy Souls 

As the month of November is approaching, a month of special prayer for the souls of our deceased, I would like to encourage you to pray together for those who have passed away.
In the Sanctuary you can find a basket with envelopes in which you can put a card with the names of the deceased. You can also use ordinary envelopes for this.

Please return your envelopes to the Church (put it in the collection basket) or to the Parish office (put it in the letter box).
Your donation can be placed in the envelope. Mass for Holy Souls will be offered for them during the month of November.

All Saints Day will be celebrated on Sunday 31st October during the normal Masses at St Edward’s.
All Souls Day will fall on Tuesday 2nd November. On that day, as well as the 10.00am Mass at St Edward’s, we will have an additional evening Mass at 7.00 pm. During this Mass we will pray, not only for all the departed, but especially for those parishioners, who passed away in the last year. I would like to invite to this Mass, those who lost their loved ones since last November (2020). We could put photographs or even Orders of Service of those who died on the steps of the Sanctuary.

Provisional additional Masses, where photos and orders of service will also be welcomed:

  • Sunday, 31st October, All Saints Day – Rothwell at 9.00 am
  • Tuesday, 2nd November, All Souls Day – Burton Latimer at 5.00 pm
  • Tuesday, 2nd November, All Souls Day – Desborough at 5.00 pm

On November 7, we will remember and pray especially for Father Wilson, who passed away two years ago. We will mention his name and pray for him during all Sunday Masses , particularly in Burton Latimer at 9.00 am during Sunday Mass.

Dear Hospital Volunteers and Anyone Else Who is Interested

Recently I was asked about your readiness to return to the ministry in the hospital. May I kindly ask you to contact the parish office about your particular situation and concerns. If there is anybody else in the parish who is willing to commit to volunteering in the hospital, it would be much appreciated. Please get in touch and you will be advised on what this very important role of ministering to patients entails. We are also looking for someone to take charge of the rota.

I am very grateful for all that you do.

Fr Gregory